Getting Around Maldives

Before visiting the Maldives island, it's very important to know all the different ways and options to go from one island to another.  

As soon as you land at Velana international airport, you could use different transportation services that are provided at the airport for you. You have the option of riding in a ferry, seaplane, or a speedboat, or a combination of those to reach your destination.  

Once you arrive on your island of your choice, walking is the best way to explore and see the natural beauty of the island.  But if you want to travel and explore other Maldives island, then you have different types of transportations services to choose from. I will be listing them from the least expensive to the most expensive:  


The local ferry network is very cheap and also very limited. Local ferries can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. The ferry from the Velana international airport to Male cost around $1 USD and leaves every 15 minutes and it takes around 20 minutes to reach. The ferries don't travel to all the islands in Maldives, so you have to choose a different transportation service.


If you are trying to get somewhere in a hurry, take a speedboat. Although they are pricier than the local ferries, costing you easily $40 - $50 USD per ride, it is worth it if you are traveling late and want to reach your destination soon.  If you are not up to date with local ferry network and miss a ferry then speedboats are your best friends.


Seaplanes are also a great alternative to the speedboat. Your resort may use one to transport you to and from the airport quickly. If you are going to use a seaplane to travel, I would recommend you to fly in the morning, so that you could enjoy a scenic bird's-eye view of the local reefs and islands.  This is a great way for you to take pictures with the islands and the reefs in the background. Now thats a picture worth sharing!!!


Although you will spot few motorbikes at Maldives, we would not recommend you rent one for your own safety reasons. And after all, why should you if you could travel to the other island safely and with less cost.    


While renting, a yacht will be quite expensive, but  for those who want to explore the remote islands and the isolated reefs of the Maldives it will be worth it. Although traveling to non-resort islands is generally prohibited by the Maldivian government, so be careful where you choose to anchor. That said, licensed tour operator can take you to islands that are usually off-limits to tourists. Many resorts will have their own docks for the convenience of maritime travelers. You can either charter a yacht once you get here, or you could book one online.