Maldives Airports

Maldives is easily accessible through air.

There are two types of airports, one international airport and few domestic Airports. People who live abroad have to reach Maldives by its International airport. Once you are in Maldives, then you can take a local plane to travel to other islands which have a domestic airports (which will be costly).

International Airport

Male International Airport (MLE) now known as Velana International Airport is the main international airport in the Maldives. It is located on Hulhule Island, which is very close to the capital city of Male.

Late visitors to the island need not worry, as Maldives airport offers travelers facilities for storing their bags, and there is a hotel right on the island.

Velana International Airport

There is only one runway, which is 3,200-meter long.


  • There is a restaurant within the premises of Maldives airport. It serves a variety of meals along with general snacks and refreshments.
  • For the tourists and business travelers, money changing services are provided at the airport.
  • A 24-hour ferry service operates to and from the airport island.
  • There is an option for travelers to store their bags at the airport if they are traveling late.
  • There are a number of duty free shops here which offer a wide variety of goods.
  • Airline Counters (open during flight times) answer your queries and offer help if needed.
  • The various departure formalities are quite relaxed, and the visitors face no undue hassles.

Effective from Jan 1, 2017, the Maldives airport’s name will be called Velana International Airport.

Domestic Airports

The regional airports or domestic airports of Maldives are Hanimadhoo Domestic airport, Gan Domestic Airport, Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport and Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport.

  • Hanimadhoo Domestic Airport - The length of the runaway of this airport is 4000 feet and the width is 100 feet. It can accommodate planes having maximum of 60 seats.
  • Gan Domestic Airport - It was constructed by Royal Air Force of Great Britain. The runaway of this airport is about 8700 feet.
  • Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport - The length of the runaway is 762m and width is 30m. It can accommodate short take-off and landing aircrafts.
  • Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport - This airport is a great relief for the people living in Huvadhoo Atoll. The difficulties experienced by Atoll during bad weather are beyond imagination. This airport receives emergency planes, which have brought comfort to lots of people on this island.