Choosing Your Airlines to the Maldives is the Easy Part


Airlines to the Maldives - With the world advancing rapidly each day, even Maldives is gradually undertaking its own developments.

The two airports in Maldives, Male International Airport and Domestic airport have undergone significant changes from those services that were provided way long back.

Now Hulhule, the Male International Airport serves as the main entry and exit to the rest of the world.

Types of airlines to the Maldives

The Maldives Airport regularly receives a range of airplanes like Alitalia, Sas Scandinavian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Czech Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines. There are also regular flights to Colombo [Sri Lanka], Dubai [United Arab Emirates], Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia] and Thiruvananthapuram [India].

There are varieties of regional airports like Hanimadhoo Domestic Airport, Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport, Kaadhedhdhoo Domestic Airport and Gan Domestic Airport.

Maldives has various airlines running from all parts of the world, which connects Maldives with other parts of the world.

Following are some of the most famous Airlines to the Maldives:

  • Emirates – runs from countries like Dubai, Heathrow, Gatewick, Colombo, Rome, Paris, Isthubal, Frankfurt and Zurich to Maldives.
  • Air Lanka – runs from Colombo, Heathrow, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, Rome, Milan, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Munci, Delhi, Trivandrum, Dubai and Taipei to Maldives.
  • Malaysian Airlines – runs from Kuala Lumpur, New York, Zurich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Osaka, Munci, Singapore, Sydney, Delhi, Dubai, Taipei and Mumbai to Maldives.
  • Indian Airlines – runs from Munci, Mumbai, Dubai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Trivandrum to Maldives.
  • Singapore Airlines – runs from Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney, Delhi, Dubai, Melbourne, Perth, Taipei, Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Chennai, Heathrow, Zurich, Frankfurt and Milano to Maldives.
  • Pakistani International Airlines – runs from Colombo, Rome, Milano, Paris, Heathrow, Singapore, Osaka, Hong Kong, Munci, Delhi, Dubai, Taipei to Maldives.
  • Thai Airways – runs from New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Osaka, Melbourne, Bangkok, Delhi, Dubai, Djakarta, Perth and Taipei to Maldives.

Maldives allow you with a number of aerial excursions that take you for island hopping, to famous diving sites and remote villages to know more about the lifestyle of fishermen.

The private airplanes are equipped with restaurants, bars and spacious bathrooms and warm hospitality that make you feel completely comfortable. You can travel to almost every place in Maldives through these airplanes and enjoy your holiday to a great extent.

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