Asia Maldives
Your Next Holiday Destination

Asia Maldives - the land of sun, sea and sand is located right on the equator, southwest to Sri Lanka.

Lately Maldives has become a hot favorite tourist destination, well connected by air from all the important Asian and European counties.

Maldives on your Atlas

A look at your atlas tells you that Maldives is on the Indian Ocean, south to the Indian subcontinent. An archipelago of 1190 coral islands, the Maldives looks like a string of pearls floating on the blue waves.

Stretching 823 km from north to south and 123 km from west to east it comprises 26 atolls with Male as the capital city.

How do you get to Asia Maldives?

Speedboats or sea taxis takes you to your destination from Male International Airport at Hulhule, after reaching Maldives. The Maldives Airport is connected by both schedule and charter flights from countries like UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Qatar, UAE, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore and Seychelles. Don’t carry pork, firearms and liquors to the Maldives. And remember, carrying pets is also restricted.

What makes the Maldives Asia so special?

Maldives offers you everything you have always wanted from a vacation. Tranquility of nature blended with adventure, and remarkable hospitality are the unique features found in the Maldives Resorts and Hotels here.

  • The expansive white beaches, aquamarine lagoons and heavenly peace will soothe you. You can bask in the sunshine or fish to relax yourself.
  • The resorts of Maldives will lavish you with every luxury imaginable blending the traditional with the modern very effectively.
  • The lagoons of Asia Maldives are ideal for water sports - snorkeling, waterskiing, catamaran sailing, windsurfing or just swimming. If you are fond of adventure, explore the numerous islands on sea excursions. If you prefer night outs, go for night fishing or to the beach discos for a swing.
  • The seafood, especially the Maldivian Fish courses will tickle your taste buds and dinners on open lounges will add a romantic dimension to your holidays.

So stop hesitating. Book the next flight, as Maldives awaits you with her splendors and luxury especially for you.

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