Bandos Island Resort Maldives

The Bandos Island Resort Maldives is one of the largest resorts of Maldives decorated with palm-fringed walkways, lush tropical vegetation and unique hospitality towards any tourists.

Bandos island is situated on the beautiful coral island of Bandos Maldives, which is surrounded by golden beaches and reef houses.

The unique reef houses, located just 40-60 meters from the resort, display magnificent corals and colorful invertebrates.

Getting There

Located on the southern tip of North Male Atoll, and situated at a distance of 7 kilometers from Male International Airport, Bandos Island Resort in Maldives is accessible by both speedboats and seaplanes. It’s a 15 minutes speedboat drive and 10 minutes seaplane drive to Bandos Island Maldives from Male International Airport.

Accommodation Facilities

While you are in Bandos Resort Maldives, you can stay in the beach bungalows, beach villas and thatched sea cottages. The bungalows offer accommodation facilities for all tourists ranging from luxurious to economic accommodation. The rooms are equipped with the modern facilities of air-conditioning, IDD telephones and Internet connections, dressing tables and hair-dryers, mini bars and private decks.

You can sit on the private decks of the Bandos Island Resort Hotel Maldives and watch the frothy sea ahead while having some unique food and drinks. Other than the resort foods, there are wonderful restaurants that serve typical Maldivian sea foods and variety of dishes including Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes. The bars offer an array of drinks and juices to all tourists.

Activities in Bandos Island Resort Maldives

While you are residing in Bandos Island Resort, you can enjoy an array of water sports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, paragliding, diving, banana boat riding, kite boarding. Bandos Island offers one of the best diving and snorkeling sites to the tourists.

The PADI diving schools teach diving and snorkeling to all tourists from beginners to professionals. The main attraction of Bandos Island is its coral beauty, which you can view while you are diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear under waters.

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