Baros Island Maldives
Haven of Peace and Tranquility


Baros Island Maldives is a luxuriant tropical island set in the cool blue waters of a shallow lagoon, and ringed by a coral reef teeming with marine life. The soft white sand of Baros Island is shaded by tall palm trees.

The stylish villas of wood and sandstone among the flowers by the beach or over the lagoon ensure an ideal privacy in a pristine environment undisturbed by the clutter of civilization. Baros Island in the Maldives is ringed by a circle of glittering, unspoiled sands gently sloping into the clear turquoise waters.

How to get Baros Island?

Baros Island, which is located on the north Male Atoll, is only a 20 minutes ride away from the Maldives airport by speedboat, while a local dhoni boat takes around 1 hour to reach the Baros island. The resort on Baros Island is charming and luxurious; the mood is relaxing and revitalizing; and the location both exotic and stunning.

The first sight of Baros Island is indeed a memory to cherish. From the island's reef-ringed white sandy shores, tall coconut palms tilt towards the attractive blue of the lagoon; and the palm-thatched roofs of the hidden villas peep out from behind the lush foliage.

Cool, shady paths wander through arbors beautiful and bright with bougainvillea and hibiscus, yielding charming glimpses of dazzling sand speckled with sunbeams, lazily fondled by the gentle surf of the lagoon around Baros Island.

Luxury Resort at Baros Island Maldives

The resort on Baros Maldives has a distinctive blend of island atmosphere and delightful indulgence set in perfect harmony with nature. Baros Island embodies the very essence of Maldives. It exists in absolute harmony with the natural environment. It is a harmony that the guests have reveled in for years.

Both by the beach and over water, gracious timber and sandstone villas welcome the guests with a tranquil atmosphere – the stress melts away as the calm spirit of Baros Island gradually overwhelms the senses.

Other facilities offered by Baros Maldives Island

The diving and snorkeling at Baros Island Maldives are fabulous. And you may also want to try out catamaran sailing or windsurfing, as both are can be arranged for easily here.

Do not miss out on the excursion to the local islands, and enjoy Baros Island as your own little desert island for the duration of your stay.

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