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Baros Resort Maldives is a magnificent romantic hideaway for the tourists. It is set amongst the dazzling blue sea and captures the very essence of the nature around it, as the resort is surrounded with abundant vegetation and is immersed in serene tranquility.

Located in the North Male Atoll, Baros Island is at a distance of 16 km from the Male International Airport.

A speedboat from the airport takes about 15 minutes to reach the Baros Resort in Maldives. A local dhoni boat takes around 1 hour to reach the resort island.

Luxury Accommodation & Facilities at Baros Resort

baros villa maldives

The Maldives Baros Resort is a gorgeous getaway; it provides wonderful accommodation to all the visitors. The beach villas, water bungalows and thatched roofed bungalows, all have both economic rooms and regal suites catering to the needs of all the visitors.

The Baros Resort in Maldives offers excellent room facilities like air conditioners and ceiling fans, International Direct Dialing [IDD] telephones, tea and coffee making equipment, Internet connections, mini bars, spacious open bathrooms and hair dryers. Wining and dining are also superb in Baros Resort, as you can enjoy your food in the personal decks offered by the resort.

Excellent Dinning facilities in Baros Resort Maldives

baros dining facilities

The various restaurants at Baros Resort like Lagoon Restaurant, Garden Restaurant and the Palm Garden Restaurant serve gourmet dishes of seafood, meats and a selection of Asian cuisines like Chinese, Maldivian, Indonesian and Sri Lankan. The bars serve an array of mocktails, juices and cocktails along with snacks.

Sports Activities at the Maldives Baros Resort

Baros Resort Maldives offers you an assortment of beach and off-beach activities. One can enjoy some best water-skiing and diving while you are here. You’ll also be offered water sports like snorkeling, canoeing, paragliding, banana boat riding, catamaran sailing, kite boarding, fishing and windsurfing. Other than the usual indoor games like billiards and table tennis, you can also dance away in the discos or during the theme nights organized by Baros Resort.

baros maldives spa

Baros Resort is quite unique as it offers a variety of other helpful facilities. You can opt for excursions to the other islands and also to the capital city Male, where you can do some shopping and sight-seeing. Baros Resort also offers services like laundry, baby-sitting, medical assistance and guest shops.

Once you’re in Baros Resort Maldives, you can also visit the gyms and spas to enjoy the comforting massages throughout your whole body, do some exercises and revel in the spirit of the beautiful resort stay fit in mind, body and soul.

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