When is the Best time to Visit Maldives? That’s a question we were asked a lot.

When you ultimately plan to travel you should know the best time to visit Maldives. This trip to Maldives depends upon the seasonal climate and weather of Maldives.

However, Maldives with its sugary white beaches, lush vegetation, pristine lagoons and serene Atolls, remain exotic and mysterious all the time.

But before you seek to know the best time to visit here in Maldives, you should know whether you prefer the warm and sunny summers or the cool and wet rainy seasons.

Climate of Maldives

To decide for the best time to visit, you should know the climate of the place. The climate of Maldives is tropical, which means hot, humid and dry weather.

Maldives is basically dominated by the monsoons. The islands get rainfall from July to August due to southwest monsoon and from November to March due to northeast monsoons.

Best time to visit Maldives is during summer season

So if you are looking for some extra hours of fun in the sun, then you should visit Maldives during the months of December to April, which are dry seasons. This is high time season for the resorts and hotels as they enjoy great demands at these times.

If you want to visit Maldives during the summers, you should book the resort from your hometown through online or phone and then visit Maldives to experience the best time.

Visit Maldives during the winter season

The winters are pleasant with sunny weather and cool ambiance. Christmas is the busiest and best time to visit. You can enjoy land sports like beach volleyball, board games, sauna and table tennis.

However, the time between May and November is also a best time to visit Maldives as the skies remains cloudy, humidity remains high and there are more chances of rainfall.

This is the best time for divers and snorkel-lovers to visit Maldives. As there is increased water clarity and better visibility for divers, so the water sports like jet-skiing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling can give an amazing experience to all tourists.

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