Cancellation disaster

by Tim
(Toulouse, France)

Disaster! Via booked 4 nights at the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu at the end of trip to India. Paid for hotel and seaplane to agency/hotel in advance ?2768 $US. Discovered on arrival in India that Indian government has new rule ? once you enter and leave, you cannot return for at least two months. So had to cancel the Maldives ? a full week in advance! And were told we would lose 100% of our hotel AND our seaplane transfer! I understand losing something ? but 100%? And it?s not like we changed our minds. Nowhere in agency?s cancellation policy is there even the vaguest hint that you could lose everything that far in advance ? even for something like this which certainly looks like Force Majeure! Outrageous! Who's to blame? Agency blames hotel. Hotel probably blames agency. A curse on both your houses!

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