Climate in Male Maldives

Sunny weather, with frequent monsoon dominates the climate in Male Maldives. As the capital city of Maldives, Male lies on the equator outside the infamous cyclonal belt in the vicinity of Bay of Bengal.

Instead of hot weather, which should have been the general climate in Maldives; a pleasant weather with pleasant downpour controls the climate of Male.

Daily temperature affects climate in Male

Temperature in Male fluctuates between a minimum 23C to a maximum 32C in the day. The cool sea breeze blows with the warmth from the sun almost throughout the day.

Male, which extends latitudinal from almost 1S of the Equator to fractionally over 7N, also lies scattered along and on either side of the 73E longitudinal lines. Climate in Male Maldives is tropical and humid with the average annual temperature as 26.7C. The average annual precipitation is 1525 mm, most of which falls during May to November.

Reasons for pleasant climate in Male

Another reason for such pleasant climate in Male is the magic that lies on the outer reefs that surround the Atolls. Since this reef is made of coral walls and coral debris, so the oceanic waves are stopped from entering Male. Even on those calm and cool days, the waves continue to break into surf on the reef walls.

Once you get a natural gap on the reef, you can enjoy the best diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, paragliding and boating in the best climate in Male.

Monsoon influencing the climate in Male Maldives

Climate in Male remains mild and warm as the average temperature is 30 C. However, the climate is greatly influenced by the two monsoons, which are known as Iruvai [north-east] and Hulhangu [south-west] monsoon.

During Iruvai, the wind blows from the east but Hulhangu is more of a wet season when there are strong winds and stormy weather conditions. During Hulhangu, the first rainfall occurs and so it is good time for clearing and planting. While during Iruvai, there are strong winds with occasional sunrise. Fishing can be best done during this time.

The pleasant climate in Maldives lets you enjoy wearing a variety of clothes like lightweight cottons and linens, all throughout the year. However, during the rainy season you can wear light waterproofs, which keep you safe from the winds, waves and rain waters.

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