Find out how climate Maldives differs in the north & south of Maldives Islands

Climate Maldives is quite mild. The temperature in this area ranges between 24°C and 33°C all throughout the year. Although humidity is comparatively high, the steady sea breezes help to keep the air moving.

Two main seasons dominate the Maldives climate: the dry time of year linked with the winter northeast monsoon, and the rainy season which is brought about by the summer southwest monsoon. The yearly rainfall averages 3,810 mm in the south and 2,540 mm in the north.

Various Seasons Climate Maldives

The Maldives climate is affected to a large extent by the big landmass of the Indian subcontinent in the north. The presence of this landmass results in differential heating of water and land. Scientists also mention other factors regarding the formation of the monsoons, including the Himalayan barrier at the northern periphery of the Indian subcontinent, and the sun's northward slant which moves the jet stream north.

All these factors contribute to a rush of moisture-laden air over the subcontinent from the Indian Ocean, causing the southwest monsoon and leading to the wet spells in the Maldives climate.

The warm air that rises over the subcontinent during the months of April and May creates various low-pressure regions into which the cooler, moisture-laden winds from the Indian Ocean flow. According to Maldives climate records, the wet southwest monsoon lasts from April to October and brings the harshest weather with storms and strong winds.

Changes in climate in the Maldives

The shift in the Maldives climate to the dry northeast monsoon from the moist southwest monsoon occurs during the months of October and November. During this time, the northeast winds lead to the development of the northeast monsoon, which reaches the Maldives during December and continues till the end of March.

Nonetheless, the Maldives climate does not always conform perfectly to the Indian subcontinent’s monsoon patterns. Showers over all of Maldives have been known to continue for days, up to a week, during the midst of the dry season. But barring the few wet spells, climate Maldives is mild and perfect for tourists.

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