The Country Of Maldives
Nature At Her Best

Country of Maldives is located right on the equator in the Indian Ocean, southwest to Sri Lanka. An archipelago of 1190 coral islands stringed together, the Maldives has become a major tourist attraction lately for her azure seas, the golden beaches and the brilliant sun.

History and Culture of the Maldives

The Country of Maldives gained independence in 1965. History of the Maldives shows that Islamic, Buddhist, Portuguese and the British influences have played important roles in framing its culture.

Considerably developed in terms of literacy and civic amenities, the people in the country speak the Dhivehi language and are diligent and hospitable. The women occupy key positions in family as well in the Government.

Transportation in the Maldives

The international airport of the Maldives is visited by scheduled and chartered flights from the principal European and Asian cities.

The internal tours are managed by the hotel or resort authorities. You can take rides on seaplanes, speedboats, ”dhonis” or bigger sea vessels to wander freely in the Maldives.

Tourism in the Maldives

You will find that the beaches and various water sports are the principal attraction of the Maldives. Hotels and resorts tap the natural beauty and complement it with every modern comfort imaginable.

You can go snorkeling in the underwater kingdoms, enjoy adventurous sports, go for fishing and explore unknown islands. Exquisite cuisines, especially Maldivian fish courses await you at the restaurants. You can also pamper yourself in the spas and salons of the country of Maldives.

Shopping in Maldives

If you love to pick up souvenirs for your friends, you must visit the local markets in the Male' Capital of Maldives. The miniature of the traditional boat ”dhoni” is a hot favorite. However, the dyed reed mats with geometrical patterns on them are also popular.

Your tryst to the Maldives is bound to be enriching in quite some ways. The expansive seas, luxuriant nature and the rich historical past will tranquil your senses and trigger your imagination. Of course along with the pretty souvenirs you will pick up memories for the lifetime from the country of Maldives.

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