Culture of Maldives Islands


Colorful and diverse, the culture of Maldives wraps you in a pleasing mist of traditional color and charm of the sea. The origin of the culture of Maldives is cloaked in obscurity and the lively culture traces its roots back to the colorful traditions of the various communities that have made this dazzling paradise their home.

The ties that bind

Maldives is a land of festivities. This country celebrates all the festivals that are there on the traditional Muslim calendar. Islam is an integral part of the Maldives culture. Kuda Eid and Ramadan are among the most popular festivals that are celebrated in style.

The most common language in Maldives is Dhivehi and it is an important part of the culture of Maldives; although several dialects that are spoken in different atolls throughout Maldives.

Music and Dance

You’ll experience the energetic culture of the Maldives as you enjoy the local folk performances and music.

The term ‘bodu beru’ means a big drum, and it lends its name to the well-known music and dance form of the Maldives. The tourist resorts arrange performances of this dance for local culture nights, and it can be quite gripping. There are 4 to 6 drummers in a group, and the hum has distinctive African influences. Modern rock bands often perform at the resorts, where they do covers of the old favorites. While performing for a home audience, they incorporate elements of bodu beru in their music, with lots of extended drum solos and percussion.

Although such performances of traditional dance and music are not everyday events, the Dhivehi culture is adaptive and strong in spite of various foreign influences, ranging from Oriental martial arts and Hindi movies, to Muslim fundamentalism and Michael Jackson. Pop music, Western fashions, and international videos are in evidence in the capital, but during public occasions, the local celebrations have a markedly Maldivian touch and the vibrant culture of the Maldives is clearly evident.

Culture - For the tourists

You can tour the local cemeteries and appreciate the intricately carved tombstones that adorn the graves; you may shop for souvenirs that are carved and shaped with skill, and buy lacquer ware, red mats, tortoise shell ornaments, flower vases and pillboxes as you tour the busy local bazaars.

An important part of the local culture of Maldives is boat building. On your tours, you can observe craftsmen at work as they make the sturdy dhonis (or fishing boats).

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