Customs in Maldives

Customs in Maldives came into effective operation since "Maldives customs services" joined the World Customs Organization on 8th September 1995, with Mr. Manikfan leading as the Minister of the state. "Bandaara Fihaara"- is what the word "customs" in Maldives was known as since 1890s. But on November 13th, 1998 the name was re-christened to "Maldives customs services".

Duties imposed by customs Maldives

Custom duties in Maldives are followed to ensure absolute peace and safety to the country. The customs officials tend to impose various duties for the goods that are imported and exported to and from Maldives respectively. Following is a list of duties imposed on export and import for goods arriving in both ships and flights:

    Import Duty:
    • All goods imported to Maldives are charged with a duty amount except things that are brought by passengers for personal use or for non-commercial purposes.
    • On special request, Maldives allow temporary importing of goods and equipment for special researches and for special professional purposes.
    Export Duty:
    • There is as such no duty imposed on goods intended for exports.
People traveling back from abroad to stay in Maldives permanently are entitled to certain concessions on the goods they bring back with them.

Rules for passengers imposed by customs in Maldives

The passengers arriving in Maldives have to follow certain rules imposed by Maldives customs. These rules are imposed on all types of goods that the passengers carry with them.

Following are the list of rules that customs in Maldives impose on people arriving in Maldives:

  • Goods like alcohol, narcotics, explosives, poison, pork and pornography films are never allowed to import. Goods like turtle shells, parrotfish, lobster, skate and ray, triton shell and pearl oyster are not allowed for export.
  • For things like plants, animals or birds, passengers have to acquire special sanitary/ phytosanitary certificate(s).

In Male, the capital city of Maldives, the customs-in-Maldives are principally directed by officials in the Male' International Airport for passengers arriving by flight. However, in Male' Commercial Harbor, customs in Maldives are implemented for passengers arriving by yachts and ship.

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