Destination Maldives Islands
Heaven on Earth

Destination Maldives delivers on what it promises. There are various places all over the world that try to lure travelers with pictures of dazzling white sands, palm trees, blue skies and crystal clear waters. The Maldives is one of the few places that not only delivers on the promise from the very moment you step out on the airport tarmac, but keeps delivering day after day.

Coastal Comfort

Maldives is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to the South West of India, and is made up of over a thousand small coral islands. With the maximum height above sea level being around 2 meters, destination Maldives offers a fantastic Robinson Crusoe lifestyle where the beauty of nature is everywhere.

Zeroing in – Destination Maldives

Arriving at the main Maldives airport is an exciting adventure for those who are more familiar with larger expanses of land. The airport resides on its own island, which actually had to be extended to make the runways long enough for the bigger jets to land. Landing becomes an exciting prospect as you seem to float past fishing boats and small islands, only seeing solid ground just a few seconds before you feel the touchdown, finally arriving at the Maldives Islands.

The Maldives - Arrival

From the Maldives airport, you can take water taxis, internal flights or private jet boats to your chosen resort. People who are traveling to resorts further away sometimes have to stay overnight in the capital city Male before going to their preferred resorts.

Maldives - For tourists

The chief income for the Maldives is from tourism, and many of the coral islands in destination Maldives have resorts which cater to all types of travelers, from the rich and the famous to backpackers. The government is aware of the delicate nature of the environment in which they live and so, tightly control the impact of tourists on the local population and environment.

But as a tourist, you are free to roam as you like in the capital city and resort islands, but the travel to local towns and villages must strictly be through guided tours. Other forms of travel within the country must be requested from the government.

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