Fihalhohi Maldives
Living in the Lap of Nature

If you are a romantic at heart then Fihalhohi Maldives is the place for you. You need not worry if you are not. Your visit to the place will turn you into one. The din of city life leaves us worn and scarred. Maldives is the perfect antidote to your fatigued mind and soul.

The effect of the call of the sea as it washes the shore, the swishing of the leaves, the smell of the brine, the warmth of the sun, and the soft sand under your feet, can be embalming and even intoxicating.

Fihalhohi in the Maldives Island

Now that you have already been enticed towards Fihalhohi Maldives and have all the intentions of tasting paradise you need to find out more about it. This small island is absolutely cut away from the hustle bustle, so much so that it is over an hour’s ride by speedboat from the Hulhulhe airport to this place. You can witness the best reefs of Maldives here.

In the interior of the island you will find dense vegetation of the tropical sort. Among the various types of trees palms abound in plenty. Too many flies and mosquitoes will not bother you. However, you may encounter some bats, birds, herons, lobsters, crabs, palmrats, geckos and lizards that are as friendly as the people there. The vegetation and the environment helps the island live up to its name Fihalhohi which means “cooking under the trees”, as you can get the perfect ambiance to do so.

Fihalhohi Maldives - Making the most of your holiday

Keep a few tips in mind and you can have the best holiday ever. You can use the US dollars as liquid cash but can primarily depend on your credit cards that are easily acceptable here. Drinking water may seem expensive so it is a better idea to get an electric cooker and boil the water from the tap.

Candy is also quite expensive here so you better carry your own. Light clothes are perfect for the warm weather here. Make necessary arrangements well in advance. Ensure you make adequate provisions to capture these special moments with the help of your camera.

Fihalhohi Maldives - The sea and its coast

Almost the entire circumference of Fihalhohi comprises of the coast. The coastal line with its fine white shingles provides you with the perfect getaway. You can put up at one the bungalows that give you the complete advantage of the sea.

Experience the beautiful coral but beware of them when you walk barefoot in the shallow part of the sea. You can even spot some really beautiful fish here. If you are planning to get a bit more active enjoy the various water-sports available like swimming and snorkeling but take care of your safety.

Eat, rest & enjoy in Maldives for a wonderful holiday time

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