Fishing in the Maldives
Experience Of A Lifetime

If you have a strong fetish towards fishing, then fishing in the Maldives will give you an experience of a lifetime. While you are in Maldives, you can simply go crazy with your fishing plans in the Maldives.

You just have to grab a fishing rod, aboard the special fishing yacht called “Dhoni”-they generally cost around US$15 per person and sail into the heart of crystal clear blue waters to have the best fishing experience.

Methods followed by fishermen during fishing in Maldives

The fishermen in Maldives use a special method called “Pole and Line” to catch fish professionally. This includes a bamboo pole, with barb less hooks attached to the end of the pole to hook the fishes. The baits are thrown out into the seawater where the concentration of fishes is maximum. This brings the fishes closer to the “Dhoni” and gets hauled to the barb less hooks.

Types of fishing in the Maldives

Fishing in Maldives is special as it offers you the double benefits of day fishing and night fishing. Just when the first streaks of morning sunlight strokes the blue Maldivian waters, the “Dhoni” sets sail with the tourists interested in fishing.

Equipped with fishing equipments like fish rods, fish finders and international fishing hooks, the people in the “Dhonis” start their fishing. The “Dhoni” moves just around the atoll enclosure reefs and you can enjoy game fishing by catching spectacular fishes like Swordfish, Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin and yellow-fin tuna. Fishing in Maldives during the wee hours of the morning is called “big game fishing”.

The night fishing is simply amazing. The “Dhoni” leaves the island and anchors by the outer Atoll reefs just when darkness sets in. The lines and sinkers are dropped in the reef waters from various sides of the “Dhoni”. The night fishing enables you to catch different fishes like emperors, snappers, squirrelfish, jacks and other reef fishes. You can either catch some exciting fishes or simply lay down leisurely on the “Dhoni” decks to catch the stars flashing in the night sky.

You can often travel to special fishing villages in Maldives, to enjoy exquisite fishing in the Maldives. Catch the wonderful fishes while you are in the Maldives and savor their tastes in grilled restaurants cooking your specially caught fishes.

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