Flights to Maldives

Travel in First-Class Luxury Flights to Escape Journey Inconvenience

Flights to Maldives mean long direct travel to Male International Airport or stopping in Sri Lanka and then traveling by separate airlines or through sea to Maldives.

Maldives has one international airport located on the island of Hulhule.

There are at least 12 international scheduled flights to Maldives like Airlanka, Pakistan International Airlines, Balkan, Bulgarian, Emirates, Indian Airlines, Bulgarian Airlines, Condor, Austrian Airlines and Malaysian Airlines, AOM French, LTU, which fly daily, weekly or twice a week.

In addition Air Maldives fly to and from Sri Lanka, Dubai, India and from many other destinations like London, South Africa and Paris.

...Whether you are traveling from faraway countries of USA, UK, Australia, India or Sri Lanka you cannot just avoid traveling by air...

Whatever it may be, traveling to Maldives through air ensures complete comfort and warm services to all tourists

  • All the first-class flights like Alitalia, Emirates Airlines, Czech Airlines, Sas Scandinavian Airlines, Quatar Airways, Singapore Airways, and Sri Lankan Airways fly to Maldives.
  • And you can also charter a private jet to fly to and from Maldives to any part of the world.
  • Travel in regular flights to and from Maldives to Colombo [Sri Lanka], Dubai [United Arab Emirates], Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia], and Thiruvananthapuram [India].

Whatever place you are coming from or wherever you intend to go in Maldives, you have to experience a convenient journey. So it is the obligation of the tour staffs to make you feel absolutely comfortable in the airports and airplanes...

Flights to Maldives from UK

To experience long haul flights to the Maldives, you will have to come from the United Kingdom

Summer flights to Male airport from UK include

  • London Gatwick [LGW] [available on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday]
  • Manchester [MAN] [available on Monday and Tuesday]

Winter flights to Male airport from UK includes

  • London Gatwick [LGW] [Monday and Sunday]
  • Manchester [MAN] [Tuesday and Sunday]

Following are 9 airlines company that offer regular charters…

  • Balair
  • Britannia Airways
  • Monarch Airlines
  • Air Europe of Italy
  • Sterling Airways
  • Air Holland
  • Lauda Air
  • South African Airways
  • Air tours

...These connect to Maldives to many centers of the world...

Here are some more flights to Maldives

EMIRATES AIRLINES from London, Rome and other major European cities via Dubai
SRILANKAN AIRLINES from Rome, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Paris via Colombo
CONDOR German Airlines (Lufthansa) from Munich, Frankfurt, direct to Male'
LTU German Airlines from Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf direct to Male'
MARTIN AIR from Amsterdam via Colombo
SINGAPORE AIRLINES from major European cities via Singapore
INDIAN AIRLINES via Trivandrum, South India
MALAYSIAN AIRWAYS from Tokyo, Taipei, and major European cities via Kuala Lumpur
LAUDA AIR from Fiumicino, Malpensa direct to Male'
MONARCH AIR from London, Bahrain direct to Male'
EUROFLY from Malpensa, Fiumicino direct to Male'
SOBEL AIR from Brussels via Colombo

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