Forecast for Male Maldives

Forecast for Male Maldives is easy to make as the place is dominated by sunny weather and pleasant rainfall. Male, Maldives lies on the equator just outside the cyclonal belt lying in the vicinity of Bay of Bengal.

So there is always a tropical weather in whole of Male, with sudden rainfalls and cloudy monsoons dominating the entire capital city of Maldives.

Weather forecast for the Male Maldives

Maldives weather generally ranges from being hot/ humid to warm/ pleasant with the sun shining throughout the year.

Days in Male usually have an average temperature of 29C to 32C, so you can easily enjoy the variety of activities offered by Male. You can also stroll in the beaches and enjoy land sports like beach volleyball, table tennis and beach badminton.

Climate forecast for Male Maldives

Maldives climate offers Maldives to experience a typically hot and tropical climate. There are basically two monsoons that dominate the topography of Male.

While the southwest monsoon [Hulhangu] occurs from May to October, the northeast monsoon [Iruvai] occurs during November to April. The southwest monsoon brings enough of wind and rain during the months of June and July.

The temperature rarely falls below 25C and this provides a wonderful climate to Male all the year round.

Clothing decided by the forecast for Male, Maldives

The climate and weather forecast for Male also decides the type of clothing that is ideal for tourists.

You can wear any type of light cotton dresses to summer linens as casual clothing to experience the best of Male.

You can wear dresses like light skirts, shorts, cotton shirts, tee shirts, beach wears and slacks that make you feel comfortable and warm.

Best time to visit Maldives as per the forecast for Male

Forecast for Male Maldives helps you to decide exactly which time you should visit Male. If you are bound on looking for some extra hours in the pleasant sunny-ness then visit Maldives during December to April.

While you actually stroll through the streets of Male, you can also enjoy some real shopping activity. Visit the souvenir shops and gift stores, to get some attractive gifts for your friends and relatives at home.

If you want to experience the best of sunny weather in Male, then visit Male during April to November. As there is increased clarity in weather conditions, you can simply discover the truth of the historical and political sightseeing places in Male.

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