Getting Married in the Maldives
Plan Your Marriage on a Completely Different Note

Getting married in the Maldives will appear like a dream come true experience for you. If you are planning your marriage on a completely different note then getting married in Maldives is a simply excellent idea. Just as the wedding bells sweetly tinkle on your ears.

The wedding ceremony is spectacular as it is celebrated on the sprawling golden beaches. The party is held on the dazzling golden sandy beaches and opens out to the dazzling stretch of turquoise waters of Indian Ocean.

The brilliant dots of colorful lights floodlight the area and bring a sparkle to the entire wedding in Maldives. To make it a more momentous event, you can specially order for perfume sprays, balloons and silk cloth hangings to look brilliant.

Wedding ceremony wonders

The wedding is held in spectacular hotels and resorts. It is usually held al fresco on the beaches or inside the resorts amidst satin and silk hangings, colorful balloons, ribbons, flowers and lots of laughter.

If its al fresco then the party is positioned in such a way that it faces the sparkling waters of Indian Ocean. The variety of colorful lights flood the party area and with the bride and groom dressed in flowing satins and silks, the entire wedding ceremony becomes a momentous event.

It becomes an experience, unforgettable and worth cherishing, when the bride and groom move happily with the sea breeze caressing their faces gently amidst great fun, laughter and celebration.

Spa specialties for the wedding couples

Getting married in the Maldives is so special because on the morning a special Adam & Eve Serenity massage is given to the couple at the spa.

The couple spa treatments not only heal body pains, but also enhances skin glow and soothes mind and soul. After the spa treatments, the couple feels serene, cool, and tranquil in mind.

Traditions involved while getting married in the Maldives

The common rule of getting married in the Maldives includes four escorts meeting the eagerly waiting couple in front of their rooms and leading them to the wedding arena.

They are traditionally fully attired drum-beaters who perform the local dance Bodu-beru and keep up to the traditions of Maldives. The bride is specially presented with a specially made floral bouquet and lead to the planting area. Here they plant a coconut palm as symbol of their eternal love and togetherness.

A welcome drink of coconut water is offered to the couple after the marriage. The celebration of wedding in Maldives actually begins with the ritual cutting of the exquisite wedding cake with champagne offered to all guests. The hotels provide a gourmet dinner of Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Indian dishes with an assortment of exotic wines, champagnes, and fresh juices.

Post-marriage surprise treats for the wedding couples

After the marriage the couple is sent on a memorable cruise sailing tour on a lonely yacht to experience complete serenity. The couples are also given an option of catamaran sailing at sunset, snorkeling safaris, and water sports activities while cruising under the brilliantly studded starry skies.

Getting married in Maldives is a pleasurable experience that you can remember for your whole lifetime.

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