Holidays in Maldives
An Experience Of A Lifetime

Holidays in Maldives can provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Situated southwest of Sri Lanka, Maldives is a group of thousands of low lying, sand-filled coral islands forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls.

Coupled with breathless scenic beauty and wonderful activities, the Maldives holidays are just the right kind of holidays for people seeking respite in the solitariness of nature.

You can visit the following places during holidays in Maldives:

Male Maldives - the capital city of Maldives, is located in the Indian Ocean, near the equator. Visit this place to see its commercial activities coupled with ecstatic scenic beauty and blue water lagoons. You can enjoy various water sports like snorkeling, water skiing, diving, speedboat driving and sun bathing in the sandy beaches of Male.

Huvafenfushi Islands, North Male Atoll - the meaning of this name is “dream isle”. Just as the name suggests, this place offers you the most promising holidays in Maldives as you can bask in the peaceful serenity of a dream world. This luxurious resort island is just 30 minutes speedboat drive from the Male international airport. With its own beautiful lagoons, natural green vegetations and sandy-silvery beaches, this place has luxurious and economic villa accommodation. You can do water snorkeling, water skiing, lagoon diving in the warm waters or simply sun bathe in the beaches.

Sarawak Underwater Jungles - this is the epicenter of biodiversity situated in Mirihi Island, South Ari Atoll. It shows the luxuriant habitats, flora and fauna, and the diversity of reef fishes, coral meadows, and green yellow, blue purple invertebrates, sea whips, soft corals and sea fans.

Baa Atoll - this reminds one of a typical Robinson Crusoe Island with tropical vegetations and sandy stretches. You can enjoy the best diving facility here and a chance to watch the splendid underwater marine life.

Kuramathi Village, Ari Atoll - this is a natural, spacious island where you can enjoy sports facilities like windsurfing, snorkeling, sun bathing and catamaran sailing.

Makunufushi Islands, South Male Atoll - this private island is sprinkled with sand edged lagoons and timber water villas. It features small cottage industries that display traditional Maldivian handicrafts and paintings. There are South Indian architectural colonial furniture pieces, fabric pieces and colorful cloth materials. The island holds special appeal to water sports lovers for its superb dive sites in Vadhoo Channel, located in the island.

Fihalhohi Island, South Male Atoll - rustic Maldivian buildings, sandy beaches and natural green woodlands create a tranquil setting, ideal for blissful relaxation for all people enjoying their holidays in Maldives. Try water sports in the azure ocean, relax in the Ayurvedic Spas, or simply sunbathe on the island's sandy white beaches and blue lagoons.

The beautiful blue lagoons, luxurious and economic villas and spas, green jungles and natural vegetations and commercial activities make your holidays in the Maldives the most pleasant experience of all holidays.

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