Kuredu Island Maldives
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The Kuredu Island Maldives is famous for its abundant marine life. Take the time to explore the exciting and colourful underwater world, which will give you an exciting holiday for a lifetime.

Your can enjoy the water sports in the shimmering waters of the lagoon or stroll and relax on the dazzling white sand beaches – Kuredu in the Maldives is simply amazing.

You can reach Kuredu Island by speedboats and seaplanes from Male, the capital city of Maldives. It takes 40 minutes by seaplane or 4 hours by speedboat from the Male International Airport to reach this Island.

Accommodation Facilities

Kuredu Island Maldives offers exotic thatched bungalows, spacious villas and water villas to provide excellent accommodation.

The bungalows are furnished with comfortable furniture, a spacious bathroom, air conditioning, telephones, and wooden terrace with sun chairs. The villas also provide an enchanting view of the Indian Ocean and are only a few steps from the lagoon of the island.

The fabulous water villas stand on stilts over the water and offer an amazing view of the setting sun from the ecstatic balconies. They also provide excellent food and drink services to the guests.

Activities in Kuredu Island Maldives

Kuredu Maldives offers a spectrum of wonderful water sports like windsurfing, water skiing in catamarans, canoes driving and kite boarding.

The PADI dive school teaches you lessons for perfect diving experiences. You can even go for surfing, snorkeling, speedboat drives and air activities like paragliding and island hopping while you are in the Kuredu Maldives.

Aerobics are held in the gyms, and Ayurvedic spas give you an excellent aromatic treatment that revitalizes and refreshes your mind and body.

The afternoon sun is very pleasant in Kuredu Maldives Island, so you can often go for a cruise on the island’s luxury sailing yacht or enjoy a boat trip to deserted islands and other fishing villages.

Visit the reef houses to watch the wonderful underwater corals, coral meadows and colorful invertebrates of various sea creatures.

While you are in Kuredu Island Maldives you can enjoy the evenings with occasional entertaining evening shows, at discotheques or just leisurely sit on the veranda and sip a refreshingly chilled drink on a beautiful moonlit night.

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Stay at Kuredu Island Resort Maldives to enjoy a simply amazing holiday. The Kuredu Resort Maldives offers exotic thatched bungalows, spacious villas and water villas to provide excellent accommodation.

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