Kuredu Maldives
A Tourist Destination Per Excellence

Kuredu Maldives, on the northern reef of the Lahviyani Atoll was earlier popular as a camping spot but has now flourished into a full-fledged tourist destination.

The pristine beaches, tropical splendor, colorful marine lives thriving aplenty in the adjacent lagoon and the large diving center has lately made Kuredu a hot spot of tourist attraction.

Situated 80km north from Male International Airport, it takes you 40 minutes on a seaplane to reach the white shores of Kuredu Island Maldives. You also have the alternative of a speedboat ride, which is likely to take about 4 hours from the airport.

Attractions of Kuredu in the Maldives

The 3 km long pristine white beach of Kuredu is studded with aquamarine lagoons. Housing two attractive resorts set amidst tropical abundance that are ready to provide you with every luxury - Kuredu Maldives transports paradise on earth. Scuba diving and snorkeling are immensely well facilitated here making the sea an irresistible attraction.

Resorts: - The Kuredu Island Resort Maldives and Sangu Resort will lure you to Kuredu in the Maldives. The exotically furnished Beach Bungalows and the Jacuzzi Beach Villas provide a breathtaking view of the blue expanse of the sea. Modern amenities like with air conditioning, refrigerators, music systems, minibar, telephone, safe and excellent room service makes you stay comfortable.

Both the resorts feature exclusive restaurants offering an exotic culinary experience and well-stocked bars ready to serve anything from fresh fruit juice to exclusive cocktail. You can do your shopping within the resort – collect jewelry, golf and snorkeling equipment as souvenir from Kuredu.

Activities: - You will find yourself spending lots of time involved in water sports at Kuredu Island Maldives. Winds surfing, canoeing, Dhoni sailing and diving, kite boarding and banana sailings are some of the ways in which the sea entertains you at Kuredu.

  • Diving underwater to discover a whole new world is something all tourists look forward to do at Kuredu Maldives. There are 40 exclusive diving sights around, so let the experienced PADI instructors help you to dive and explore the underwater kingdom. The equipments for diving and snorkeling are readily available from the local stores.
  • When you are not sunbathing, you can go for badminton, tennis, beach volleys or work out in the fitness centers of Kuredu, Maldives.
  • A golf course with a full driving range and a large putting green at the eastern point is ideal for an excellent game of golf.
  • Dhoni sailing at sunset is loved for its scenic beauty. You can also be lucky to find dolphins sailing with you.
  • The well-equipped spas offer you therapies from around the world like aromatherapy and ayurveda. The aerobics at the well-equipped gyms can also be invigorating.
  • The discotheques, live bands and beach parties will help you socialize and make friends during your stay at Kuredu in the Maldives.

After visiting Maldives you will surely treasure its memories throughout your lifetime.

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