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Kurumba Maldives was the first top class city hotel to be built on Maldives to provide excellent hospitality to the tourists. It is situated in North Male Atoll, which is just 10 minutes speedboat drive from the Male International airport.

Night transfers to Kurumba from the airport are easily available, reducing all inconveniences of tourists arriving Maldives at midnights.

Activities offered by Kurumba Hotel Maldives

The Kurumba hotel Maldives is situated on the confluence of the blue lagoons and plain palm fringed walkways. With sandy beaches stretching for miles, waves breaking into frothiness and exciting water sports all around, Kurumba hotel Maldives always have something special to offer to both nature lovers and activity-alcoholics. Since it is so near the airport, it is one of the favorite haunts of businessmen, too.

The nature lovers can simply stroll in the palm fringed walkways or experience some tranquil moments under the ecstatic canopy of the resort trees. The activity-lovers can eagerly delve deep into the warm waters of the huge swimming pool and experience scuba diving, catamaran sailing, kite boarding, lagoon diving and other array of activities in Kurumba Maldives.

Accommodation wonders in Kurumba

Accommodation in Kurumba Resort Maldives is absolutely wonderful with its array of superior rooms, deluxe rooms, private villas, water villas and 1 royal Kurumba room. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioners, telephone facilities, spacious bathrooms and sea-viewing balconies overlooking into the crystal blue lagoons.

The hotel also offers restaurants and 3 bars, coffee shops and snacks parlor, all of which provides entertainment to the guests with their special theme parties specially serving Japanese, Chinese and Arabic gourmet dishes.

Specialty of Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba-Maldives is truly special from other conventional resorts in the Maldives, for it welcomes both businessmen and laymen tourists with great gusto. The Kurumba Resort provides double facilities of services and leisure to the businessmen. As for the laymen tourists, there are extra facilities of baby-sitting, laundry arrangements and satellite television programs.

Kurumba also offers spas and gymnasiums for all tourists. You can experience wonderful aromatic massages and body treatments that are sure to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

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