Laguna Beach Resort Maldives

Laguna Beach Resort Maldives is known as the new generation resort hotels in the Maldives where you will get ultimate peace of mind and soul along with comfortable accommodation.

You can find heavenly combination of white sandy beaches and beautiful tropical green at every corner of Laguna Beach Island Resort in Maldives.

To reach the Maldives Laguna Beach Resort you have to take an air-conditioned speedboat from Male International Airport. You will never forget this 15-20 minutes exciting journey through the deep blue Indian Ocean.

Accommodation at Laguna Beach Resort, Maldives

You can choose any of the following accommodation at Laguna Beach Resort.

  • Over–the–water Suite: 17 beautiful water suites over the colorful reefs.
  • Deluxe Rooms and Bungalows: 115 well-decorated and luxurious rooms.

Be it an individual room or blocks for four, you can get everything in this resort. The rooms have air-conditioning, IDD telephone connection, hair dryer, piped music, bath and shower (hot and cold fresh water) and terrace.

Bars and restaurants at Laguna Beach Resort Maldives

Apart from the natural beauty, the restaurants are the main attraction for the visitors.

  • The Summer Fields: You can put your feet inside the main restaurant at Laguna Beach Resort, if you want to get international tastes and standards.
  • Four Seasons: This is the Italian restaurant where you can find delicious and creamy Italian foods.
  • The Dragon Inn: Inside this superbly decorated Chinese restaurant you can tantalize your taste buds with spicy and sumptuous Chinese dishes.
  • Palm Grill: Serves grilled seafood and prime steaks. This is the favorite dinning spot for the visitors.
  • The Triton Bar: The bar is well stocked and offers various cocktails.

Activities and Entertainment at Laguna Beach Resort Maldives

Snorkeling, Catamaran sailing, Scuba diving, Canoeing and Windsurfing are some exciting water sports at Laguna Beach resort, which you can enjoy.

Inside the resort there is a well-equipped gymnasium, hard and illuminated tennis court, volleyball and table tennis.

Apart from the sports, you can also take part in some extremely adventurous excursions like night fishing, Male excursion, Island Hopping, Trawling, Photo flight in seaplane.

In Laguna Beach Resort every restaurant organizes a colorful theme night once a week. If you are lucky then you can rock the dancing floor of Triton Bar with the traditional Bodu Beru rhythm.

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