Location Of Maldives
Pearl Droplets in the Map Of Asia

If you are wondering about the location of Maldives, then here is an article to give you the exact location.

The Republic of Maldives is a group of coral islands situated at the north of the equator in the Indian Ocean. It is located to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Out of the 1200 islands, the Maldivians inhabit only 200 of them.

All of the islands rise 6’ above sea level. The Maldives lies between latitudes 4 degree-17 North and longitudes 73 degree- 50 East. So the exact location of Maldives is in Southern Asia, as a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, south-southwest of India.

Out of the total of 1200 islands, some of the islands are a little smaller than the football field and some of them are quite large extending for 1-2 miles of length. However, a meager population of about 250,000 people whose main occupation is fishing and tourism industry inhabits the 200 islands.

As measured from the claimed archipelagic baselines, the location of the Maldives is 200 NM in exclusive economic zone and 24 NM in contiguous zone. While the lowest point of elevation is Indian Ocean at 0 m, the highest point is the unnamed location on Wilingili island in the Addu Atoll 2.4m.

Location Of Maldives – Reaching There

You can reach Maldives through airplanes from all the major cities of the world. The airport that you need to access is Male International airport situated on the main city Male. There are regular flights to Maldives from Thiruvananthapuram [India], Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia], Vienna [Austria], Moscow [Russia], Narita [Japan], Paris [France], Colombo [Sri Lanka], Doha [Qatar], Munich, Humburg, Dusseldorf, London [UK] and many other major cities of the world.

You can also reach Maldives through sea routes. Although traveling into Maldives through sea or yacht is not considered to be that safe but various private ships come in the transport map of Maldives. The tourists who are visiting Maldives can cruise through Maldives in the private seaplanes or yachts. They can also cruise in the large and small vessels if they want to visit the surrounding neighboring islands in Maldives.

Perfect location in the heart of Indian Ocean

Situated in the midst of Indian Ocean, the location of Maldives is simply wonderful as the crystal clear blue lagoon waters encourage a variety of water sports like snorkeling, wake boarding, kayaking, diving, water skiing, catamaran sailing and day/night fishing.

It is for this wonderful location, that in the last few decades, the island of Maldives has transformed itself into a popular fishing, scuba diving, surfing, spa destinations and exotic resort.

Visit Maldives, the dream destination place to have one of those halcyon holidays that you can only dream of.

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