The Maldives Beaches
Adrenalin Rush

Beautiful sun, sand and water - that is what constitutes holidays in Maldives beaches.

There are almost 1200 islands with sandy beaches where the tourists can enjoy the serenity of nature, exciting water sports, absolute togetherness with loved ones and luxurious/ economic accommodation.

While you are in Maldives beaches, enjoy absolute tranquility in the paradisal island world and experience the following activities:

Maldives islands have beaches where you can experience nature by strolling in the sandy shores and enjoy having breakfast, lunch and dinner under the tall palm trees.

You can go for long walks in the palm-lined walkways with your family and friends. Simply sunbathe on the beaches or play with the warm frothy waters to have ultimate pleasure.

Following are some famous Maldives beaches:

  • Mirihi Island Beach
  • Bandos Island Beach
  • Fun Island Beach
  • Kanuhura Island Beach

A variety of activities are there to do in Maldives that keeps you engrossed throughout your Maldives beach holidays. You can enjoy water sports like wind surfing, water snorkeling, catamaran sailing, Jet Ski, scuba diving, parasailing, canoeing, wake boarding and lagoon diving.

Maldives are also excellent places to enjoy some fabulous sport fishing. With the assistance of Maldivian fishermen, you can catch plenty of game fishes.

Also visit the Ayurvedic spas and gymnasiums located on the Maldives beaches to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Maldives have exotic resorts and villas, which provide luxury to economic accommodation. You will get sea facing rooms, clean bathrooms, comfortable beddings, TV, IDD telephones, Internet connections and gourmet dishes. You can also swim and snorkel in the private swimming pools of the hotels.

Maldives often have reef houses, which display soft white corals, coral meadows, purple, green and yellow invertebrates and pretty dolphins.

The Sarawak Underwater Jungle has a variety of marine biodiversity and displays pretty colorful fishes, huge terrifying sharks-rays, octopuses and other underwater sea creatures.

Once you are in Maldives beaches, you must do beach hopping to have the experiences of lifetime.

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