Maldives Climate
Experience Pleasant Weather Whole Year

Since Maldives is situated on the Equatorial belts, so Maldives climate is usually warm throughout the year but also dotted with mild monsoons.

Maldives is always sauntering amidst evergreen summers so other than slight variations in the temperature during monsoons, Climate edges on pleasant weather conditions making Maldives, a traveler’s dream choice.

The accurate geographical location of Maldives also saves the country from severe tropical storms and cyclones.

Climate in the Maldives is blessed with cool sea breezes that flow throughout Maldives thereby bringing the temperature to a pleasant note. The best time to visit Maldives is during the dry season, in between December and April, when you can enjoy the unique water sports in the crystal blue lagoon waters.

The wet season, however, runs between April and October, when the strong winds make the temperature moderate and cool. However, if you are a diver, then November and April can be the best months for enjoying diving into the cool waters.

Maldives Climate – Monsoon Wonders

It is basically the monsoons that dominate the climate of Maldives. While the Southwest monsoons continues between May to October, the Northeast monsoons prevail between November to April. During the Northeast monsoon seasons, there is little rain and so it is a relatively dry period.

The months of March and April are the hottest with April bringing in calm showers and windless days. However, strong winds and rain starting in April till May usually mark the change in seasons. The Southwest monsoon is prevalent from June to September. Strong gales and rough winds dot the season thereby making Maldives a risky place for tourists to visit.

Maldives Climate – Daily Weather In Maldives

The daily temperature almost remains the same with hardly in variations between the lengths of the days. While the maximum temperature ranges around 30.4 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature averages around 25.4 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the mean daily maximum and minimum temperature for South [Gan] is 30.9 and 24.5 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Furthermore, the mean daily maximum and minimum temperature for North [Hanimaadhoo] is 30.7 and 25.2 degrees Celsius, respectively. During mid-May to November, the season experiences torrential rainfall. The Central, Southern and Northern parts of Maldives receive annual average rainfall of 1924.7mm, 2277.8mm, and 1786.4mm, respectively.

Although there is not much variation in climate throughout the year, the temperature highly vary between islands in Northern and Southern Atolls. While the Southern Atolls experience more rainy days, the Northern Atolls experience lighter showers and so the temperature remains pleasant throughout the year.

Climate here keeps the temperature mild and moderate throughout the year, thereby creating a dream-like paradise in Maldives.

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