Maldives Clothing
Symbol of Island Culture

Maldives clothing is a symbol of the island’s culture, which decides the dress code for both men and women in the Maldives. Maldives is a group of wonderful islands sprinkled on the center of Indian Ocean.

So when you visit Maldives for a refreshing holiday, cater to clothing principles for a simply splendid vacation.

Clothing in Maldives to suit the weather

Maldives weather is generally pleasant with sunny skies, so Maldives climate, too, remains warm all throughout the year. Since the daily temperature of Maldives ranges from 30°4C to 25°4C, so Maldives clothing vary from light cotton clothes to summer linens at times. So when you visit Maldives, casual clothing is most normal for Maldives culture.

You should carry tee shirts, cotton shirts, slacks, light skirts, shorts, and beach wears, to enjoy Maldives-clothing in the warm Maldives climate. However, these clothes should be made of lightweight cotton or linen materials.

Restrictions regarding clothing in Maldives

Since Maldives is a typically Muslim country so there are various restrictions imposed on clothing. Following are the variety of restrictions:

  • Women should keep their thighs and shoulders covered. Even if they are wearing shorts and three quarters, yet the dress should definitely cover their thighs and shoulders.
  • Bikinis are absolutely prohibited.
  • Nude bathing is strictly prohibited.
  • Women should not wear transparent clothing.

These restrictions regarding Maldives culture are strictly followed in Maldives. Even when you are on the beach, swimming or enjoying water sports, you are not allowed to wear bikinis.

You can wear swimming trunks and swimwear while you are out on the sea. However, you are never allowed to wear them inside the resorts or restaurants to avoid offending other fellow holiday makers.

Casual dress code of Maldives clothing

When you are casually visiting the bars, restaurants, fishing villages or neighboring islands, you can wear some light cotton tropical wears that will cover your shoulders to thighs yet make you feel absolutely comfortable.

Sometimes you might go for an excursion to villages that are quite sensitive to local traditions, culture and norms. On these occasions you should dress yourself in a decent garment that will not affect the Maldives culture.

Your clothing should include proper shoes and hats. To cover yourself from the intense sunrays you can wear hats and goggles.

When you are walking on the soft sand, you can be barefooted to feel the soft powdery touch of sand in your feet. However, when you are opting for island hopping or visiting neighboring villages, you should wear casual shoes and sandals so that you can easily walk through the paved streets.

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