Maldives Culture
Flavored With Diversity

Maldives culture is flavored with diversity of heritage of sea faring people who dominate the topography of Maldives.

Maldives Arts And Crafts

The marvelous craftsmanship, the main component of Maldives culture is most evident in the architecture of Maldives tombs and mosques.

The cemeteries are filled with intricately carved tombstones. There are also beautiful carvings from Holy Quran on the walls of the mosques and cemeteries.

Some of the best examples of famous Maldives art of calligraphy are found in the Islamic Center. There are people in Maldives who carve beautiful things from black corals and tortoise shells and sell them to the tourists.

The Maldives Religion

Today, Maldivian are Muslim people with Islam as their dominant religion. In ancient days, around 1153, Buddhism was the main religion of this country.

But one of the Maldivian kings converted him self to Islamic, and since then Islam has become the religion of Maldives. There are special arrangements to teach Islamic principles in schools and colleges of Maldives.

Maldives Language

The main language spoken in Maldives is Dhivehi, which has mainly originated from Sanskrit. But now with Islam and British as dominant culture in Maldives, the language has borrowed more words from Arabic and English origins.

Thana is a special language used in Maldivian scripts. But Thana, unlike other languages, is written from right to left.

Maldives Cultural Events

Maldives culture is predominated by Islamic cultural events and ceremonies. Naming a newborn child, Bodumaloodhu (a prayer accompanied with festive meal), Eid and circumcision of male child are examples of some festivals that are celebrated in Maldives with great pomp and show.

Bodu beru (big drum) performance is a wonderful dance, where both males and females participate alike. Bandiyaa (a dance performed by woman) and Thaara (dance performed by male) are among the top traditional music and dances practiced in the Maldives Islands.

When Maldives culture is concerned, it is the seafarers, who had come to Maldives from different places and presented the islands with not only themselves but also a pot pourri of a variegated and rich culture.

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