Maldives Diving
Explore Underwater Life

Maldives diving allows you to explore its famous underwater marine beauty. It is this separate dream world under the Maldives waters that attract thousands of people from all over the world to dive and snorkel in the Maldivian waters.

Best Maldives Diving Sites

The sprawling aquamarine water of Maldives attracts all the tourists to plunge deep into the sea and enjoy the coral wonders and colorful underwater life.

Following are some of the famous diving sites in Maldives that are ranked the best in the world:

  • Kani Corner - outside corner of Kanhifinolhu
  • Vaadhoo Caves - North end of South Male Atoll
  • Aquarium - outside corner of Lohifushi Island

Diving Courses and Programs

Maldives also offers various diving courses, which the tourists can undertake to learn more about the diving secrets. The courses take half day to 3 days and include video clippings and theory lessons.

Following are some of the courses that will help you experience Maldives underwater life better:

  • Dive Master Program
  • PADI Adventure in Diving
  • Specialty courses

Maldives diving provides safe and high quality diving equipments like dive computers, wetsuits, weight belts, and diving suits equipped with compressors, masks, snorkels and BCDs.

Diving Factors

Drift diving is the most common diving in Maldives. It allows people to view more of colorful fish life, coral and rock formations. But to enjoy this diving, you should be aware of the direction and strength of the water currents. Whether you are diving in the 'kandu', a pass between the atoll reefs or 'thila' a shoal, inside the atolls, you should know the rules of proper diving.

Another important factor to consider for diving in Maldives is the level of tides. A rising tide brings in clear water from the ocean into the atoll, while receding tides carry out less clear water from inside the atolls.

For instance, a drift dive through a channel, taking advantage of rising tide and clear water flowing into the atoll would offer an exciting dive with high visibility.

There are different areas of diving for beginners and experienced divers for enjoying diving. You should take all information from the diving spots before you plunge into these diving explorations.

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