Maldives Government
Democratic Form

The Maldives government is elected by Majlis for a period of five years by the policy of universal adult suffrage and the election of the head of government is sanctioned by national referendum. Almost 51% of national referendum must approve of the head of government elections, to choose the final head of government, the President.

The president of Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is the chief of state and also the head of the government.

Legal systems of Government

The president, who acts as the representative of Maldives establishes law and order in Maldives. In Male and each of the atolls, the president chooses two members by universal adult suffrage.

The legal system of Maldivian government is based entirely on Islamic law. But in each of the atolls, there are appointed chief justices, judges, and secular officials to govern the administration of the atolls.

Functions of Government

The Government claims the country to be a democratic country. The government along with its various members has multi-functions that make it an efficient body distributing law and order.

Following are the three general functions of the government:

  • It looks after the Legislature - the formulation of law.
  • It looks after the Executive - the application of law.
  • It looks after the Judiciary - enforcement of law.

Other details of government

Following are the specific details of the Maldives government:

  • Government head - Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
  • Government type - Republic
  • Branches:
    • Executive - President, Cabinet.
    • Legislative - Unicameral Majlis
    • Judicial - civil court, High Court, Criminal court, Family and Juvenile court.
    • Administrative Divisions - 19 Atolls and Male, the capital city of Maldives.

The government looks after the well being of its citizens and tries to help them with every kind of facilities.

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