Maldives Holidays
Retreat into Solitary Nature

Everyone should experience The Maldives Holidays once in a life.

Maldives is a place where you can enjoy sun bathing, lagoon diving, wildlife watching and palm-lined walkways strolling.

Maldives take you to some of the worth visiting places where you can:

Enjoy the Islands

There are some thousands of islands in Maldives, which, with their sandy beaches, natural vegetations, sand edged lagoons, offer you variety of water sports like scuba diving, water snorkeling, speed boat driving, catamaran sailing and sun bathing in the golden shores of the island.

The variety and colorful abundance of underwater marine life that these islands offer are also very attractive.

Visit the following beautiful islands to see and feel the best of nature:

  • Kuredu Island - known for its best underwater marine life site
  • Sun Island, Paradise islands - known for their sandy white beaches, natural tropical vegetation, turquoise green waters and palm fringed shores
  • Makunufushi Islands - known for Maldivinian architecture and paintings in village industries situated on the heart of the island

Watch Aquatic Life While Maldives Holidays

Maldives is rich with aquatic life. You can visit the crystal blue lagoons and the resplendent islands to watch the colorful underwater marine life. You should see the sea corals, sea whips, colorful invertebrates and rich coral meadows.

Visit the following places to explore rich aquatic underwater life:

  • Sarawak Underwater Jungles - displays rich flora and fauna, diversity of reef fishes, soft corals and colorful invertebrates
  • Sand-edged lagoons - displays transparent whales and pretty dolphins playing with the people holidaying in Maldives

Delight in Other Activities

While you are in Maldives, you can enjoy various other activities in land, water and air. Maldives holidays are just the right time to experience the best holidays. You can enjoy:

  • Land activities - jungle safaris, mountain trekking, and bungee jumping, palm lined road walking and bird watching.
  • Water activities - deep-sea diving, sailing, wind surfing, water skiing, cruises and sea trips, fishing, rafting and kayaking.
  • Air activities - private aero plane flights, micro light flights, hot-air ballooning and paragliding.

If you want a complete break from your daily monotonous routine to bask in the midst of enticing nature and glide in the warm waters, then head for Maldives to have an experience of a lifetime.

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