Maldives Resorts Safari
Experience A Delightful Cruising In the Smooth Waters

Maldives resorts safari allows you to spend more time amidst the crystal clear blue waters and have a breathtaking view of the natural wonders under the sea, where you can dive and snorkel luxuriously in the blue waters.

There is a luxury sailing yacht like The Sting Ray, which offers spectacular resorts safari to the tourists. While you are aboard safari cruises, you can experience the different shades of water ranging from cool, light blue to the darkest of blue hues.

The Sting Ray – most luxurious Maldives resorts safari boats

These resorts safari is a luxurious boat with comfortable air-condition cabins, where you can experience abundant sunshine.

While you can experience amazing food, drinks and comfortable accommodation, the Sting Ray safari boat offers you to cruise around the popular dive sites. While you can dive and snorkel in the blue waters, you can also watch a host of underwater marine creatures and multi-hued underwater landscapes. The diving guides in Maldives resort safari boats help you to experience a marvelous time in the crystal clear blue waters.

The Sting Ray safari boat is equipped with fire, oxygen extinguishers and life jackets that ensure absolute safety to all tourists. There are decks that have seating arrangements, stairs and platforms with ladders for easy access to the sweet water shower facilities.

Spectacular activities offered by the Sting Ray safari boat

Do fishing to catch some rare species like sharks, school of Trevallies, Mantas, Napoleans, turtles, Gobis, lobsters, Blennies and Tunas. If you are very lucky, then Maldives resorts safari also offers you to swim around the pilot whales and whale sharks, which is simply thrilling.

The Resorts safari boats in Maldives also offer air-conditioned cabins, and serves dishes of your choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While coffee and tea are available all the time, you can give yourself a wonderful break by sipping coconut waters, fresh fruit juices, cocktails, liquors, beer and wine.

If you are a honeymoon couple aspiring for some quiet moments, then opt for a whole vessel for yourself and sail in it to experience the best of Maldivian holidays in Maldives safari.

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