Explore Maldives With
Maldives Tour Operators

The Maldives tour operators provide attractive holiday packages like island hopping tours, diving tours and surfing tours along with budget travel, online hotel reservations and ticketing, to make your Maldivian holidays simply splendid.

Maldives Tour Operators

Regional tour operators are those who operate within Maldives. They are advantageous because they know the region extremely well. They give perfect information about every island you plan to visit, every activity possible on the islands and information about resorts and guesthouses.

These tour operators accept online bookings from all over the world in different ways. Some of them provide opportunity to book for hotels and resorts from their website while others will send you information by e-mail and let you book through e-mail or fax. No matter which booking method you use, they promise you the best information on Maldives.

Package Tour Operators

Besides the regional tour operators, there are package tour operators from other parts of the world that offer wonderful trips to Maldives. Most of these tour operators are located in Germany and England but they accept bookings from all over the world.

Surfing & Diving Tours from Tour Operators

Another class of tour operators available in Maldives is of special kind and conduct only surfing tours and diving tours. They teach you diving and surfing through special crash courses and help you to select the right diving and surfing sites. They also provide you with the necessary equipment for diving and surfing.

Some of the major tour operators are as follows:

  • Euro Divers [Diving]
  • Coral Island Connections [Surfing]
  • Barutheela [Safari Cruise Ship]

Other Major Tour Operators

The Maldives tour operators promise you with absolute quality time in Maldives. Following are some major tour operators conducting tours to and from Maldives:

  • Capital Travel [English, German and Italian]
  • Impex holidays [all resorts; packages and deals; cruises; online and e-mail booking]
  • Comred Holidays [Online booking; cruise safari's; packages]

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