Maldives Travel and Tourism
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Maldives travel and tourism have recently flourished to such an extent that Maldives has become the dream destination for all tourists.

An archipelago of 1190 coral islands, Maldives is simply a rare spectacle of heaven on earth. If you want to spend your next holidays in the quiet respite of splendid Maldives, then you must know more about Maldives travel and tourism to make these holidays an experience of a lifetime.

How to Get There

When you want to travel to Maldives, various means of transports are available to make you reach Maldives safely. The international tourists should access Male International Airport, while tourists from countries like India and Sri Lanka should access the domestic airports to reach Maldives. A tourist visa for Maldives with validity of 30 days is provided to all tourists visiting Maldives.

Following are the transports through which you can easily reach Maldives:

  • By Air: Other than the typical international flights, there are also regular flights to Maldives from Dubai, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Thiruvananthapuram. Once you reach Maldives, a flight called Air Maldives, can take you to the four outer strips in the Outer Atolls.
  • By Sea: You can travel by ships to Maldives from countries like Sri Lanka and other port cities of India. But once you reach Maldives, there are special boats called Dhonis and “Vedis” to help you enjoy various activities.
  • By roads: Once you reach Maldives, there are taxis, and motorcycles and bicycles that help you travel from one place to another.

Whenever you travel to Maldives, different means of transport are available to give you a holiday of a lifetime.

Where to Stay

The Maldives tourism ranks as the highest industry and provides the best means of livelihood for Maldivians. Once you reach there, Maldives provides you with the best hotels and resorts in Maldives, which further provides comfortable accommodation and gourmet dishes. You can dine in the restaurants and have a splendid drink or two in the bars.

Things to Do

While you visit Maldives, the famous group of Maldives travel and tourism offers you to go for island hopping.

You can visit the following places in these islands that will give you a holiday worth cherishing:

  • The Grand Friday Mosque
  • The Presidential Palace
  • The National Museum
  • Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaan Al
You can even visit the fishing villages and go for day/night fishing in Dhonis and speedboats. These fishing tours will offer you to catch fishes like tuna, barracuda and rainbow runners. Maldives travel and tourism industry also aid you to enjoy various water sports like snorkeling, diving, cruising, banana boat riding and paragliding in the seaplanes and speedboats.

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