Maldives Weather
Pleasant And Warm

Maldives weather is determined to a large extent by the monsoon winds circulation.

Each year there are 2 monsoon seasons, the Northeast monsoon "iruvai", which occurs during December to April and the Southwest monsoon "hulhangu", occurring during June to August.

Maldives weather is dependent on its daily temperature at different parts of Maldives. The mean daily maximum temperature for Central parts (Hulhule) of the Maldives is 30°C and minimum temperature is 25°C.

On the other hand, mean daily maximum and minimum temperature for South (Gan) is 31°C and 25°C, respectively. Furthermore, mean daily maximum and minimum temperature for North (Hanimaadhoo) is 31°C and 25°Celsius, respectively.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 37°C. Likewise, the minimum temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 17°C.

The wet season - southwest monsoon runs from mid-May to November. In this season Maldives experiences heavy rainfall and torrential gales.

Central, Southern and Northern parts of the Maldives receive annual average rainfall of 1925mm, 2278mm, and 1786mm, respectively. The highest rainfall ever recorded in Maldives within 24hour period was 220mm of rainfall.

Maldives weather can be predictable with the help of certain guidelines. There is not a lot of variation in relative humidity. However, in a day, if the humidity is 85% or above, there is a strong chance of rain or showers.

If it is 80% - 85%, there is a chance of a change in weather from warm to wet. When humidity is below 80% the general weather in Maldives will be mainly fine.

Therefore, the best time to visit Maldives is during the dry season that is from December to April when Maldives weather generally remains warm with a pleasant sky and excess of sunshine.

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