Stylish Meeru Island Maldives

It is Meerufenfushi, but the locals love to call it Meeru, the popular Meeru Island Maldives. This stylish tropical island near the North Male Atoll is the ideal destination for enjoying perfect beach holidays.

The moment you step off the boat to this wonderful Meeru Island, you will find yourself into an amazing island village. The tree fringed shore of waving palms, and abundant beach foliage on either side of the island – you will simply enjoy lively holidays in the Maldives Meeru Island.

Location – Maldive Island Meeru

Meeru Island is situated in the east of North Male Atoll and it takes only 1 hour by speedboat to reach Meeru Island from the Male international airport. The length of this island is 800 m while the width is 400 m.

Natural Beauty of Maldives Island Meeru

The whole Meeru Island is exceptionally rich in native trees and coconut palms. However, much of the Meeru Island remains untouched, with its natural vegetation intact.

The soft white sandy beaches and clear blue waters are the major attractions of Meeru Island. The lush vegetation with shady palm trees is lovely invitation to the visitors for long walks.

Activities to be enjoyed at Maldives Island Meeru

Meeru Island Maldives offers plenty of activities to be enjoyed. Go for a casual stroll, relax on the wide beaches or enjoy your favorite sports – you won’t be bored in Meeru.

The Maldives Meeru Island is treated as the heaven for divers. It has one of the biggest diving schools of Maldives. However, The most popular holiday activity in Meeru Island is relaxation.

The island is large enough to find you a place for your little hideaway for a day. Just find a perch under the shadow of swaying palm trees and simply spare yourself throughout the day in Meeru Island.

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Meeru Island Resort Maldives, situated in North Male Atoll in the Maldives, is famous for its excellent services and splendid hospitality. The Meeru island is simply 30 minutes seaplane drive from Male International airport.

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