Nika Maldives
Epitome of Simplicity and Luxury

The island of Nika Maldives is an epitome of simplicity and luxury that is plainly manifested through its stunning surroundings, perfect serenity and warm cordiality.

The word “Nika” means “shell” or “Banyan Tree” in Dhivehi. There is a banyan tree that grows in the middle of the island and provides canopied tranquil shelter to all inhabitants and tourists.

Nika is set in the enchanting coral island of Kudafolhudhoo of North Ari Atoll, which is 76 kms from Male International Airport. You can travel to the island by seaplane, which takes 25 minutes to reach from Male International Airport.

Living and dining in Nika Maldives

Nika Island resort in Maldives has 28 bungalows all of which are separated from one another with their private tropical garden and a small beach.

The rooms in the bungalow are furnished with modern amenities like air-conditions, ceiling fans, four-poster beds with comfortable beddings and mosquito nets, mini bars, private safes, hair dryers, IDD telephones, satellite TVs, spacious bathrooms with hot/cold desalinated waters, huge bathtubs and wash basins.

The restaurants in Nika Island Maldives offer various cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, German, Thai and Indian dishes. The coffee shops offer seafood delicacies and hot coffee. The bar offers a range of exotic hard drinks, fresh fruit juices, cocktails and special mocktails.

Activities enjoyed in Nika Maldives

While you are in Nika Island Maldives you can enjoy an array of water sports like windsurfing, canoeing, snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, beach basketball, beach volleyball and beach badminton. Often you can go for weekly excursion for various types of fishing like Iranian fishing, shark fishing and Tuna fishing.

Nika Island Maldives offers other wonderful facilities like tennis courts, bowling alley, and frequent picnics on deserted islands. You can use credit cards like Arnex, Visa, MasterCard, JCB and DC.

Spectacular activities in reef houses near Nika Maldives

Nika Island is also famous for its reef houses and lagoon that offers you to experience wonderful swimming and snorkeling. The beach near Nika Island is famous for it has beach furniture like white plastic chairs and white loungers with cotton mattress covers that allow the tourists to luxuriate in the beaches or sun bathe for long time.

Swimming and snorkeling near the reefs and lagoons are completely safe because there are no currents. There are at least 15 dive sites around Nika, which can be reached in 10 to 30 minutes.

While you are in Nika Maldives, you can also visit other famous places like Maaya Tila [for gray reef sharks and outstanding marine life] and Maalhos Tila [light blue colored soft corals in coral gardens and caves] that can be reached in respectively one and one and half hours.

One of the highest and best points around Nika is the outer reef, where you can see manta rays and sharks almost everyday from Decembers to March.

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