Our Trip to the Maldives

by Jean
(United Kingdom)

the maldives island

the maldives island

We have visited the Maldives 5 times in the last 8 years. Our first trip was to Full Moon - this was in the days when we didn't know what we wanted from our Maldivian Holiday. Although the island was very nice the rooms were in a block of 4 and although we had a ground floor room you still didn't have your own sunbeds which we have learnt is essential - for us anyway as we love sunbathing although in the shade mostly.

Full Moon may have now been updated and give everyone what they need from this type of holiday. What I have learnt is that whilst everyone wants the 'Robinson Crusoe Island Experience' we still want this with air conditioning, spas, excellent diving facilities, good food and some form of entertainment -even if it is only a bar with dancers once a week or whatever.

We then stayed at Medhufushi - I considered this one 4* plus which I believe has just been re-built due to the Sunami destroying it. This was my favourite island and I wouldn't hesitate going back there. We had a water bungalow and although it had every luxury I prefer the beach bungalow with your own little garden which leads to the sea. We then stayed at Filitheyo - which is the sister island to Medhufushi and owned by the same group. Another good island - 4* - the pool lacks atmosphere but I think this was down to design, nothing to do with the staff - it seems that they don't encourage you to sunbathe there.

Food great - all taught by the same Northern Irish Management Chef as at Medhufushi so I believe.

We then went for a cheapy and went to Reethi Rah - although this is now not cheap by any standards as it has been re-done and is a major contender to Soneva Fushi and the likes. We stayed there at the end of its time when they had started the re-building. I thought it was the most natural of any Maldivian Island I have visited and the rooms although tired and old (and even the staff didn't want the furniture from the rooms when they closed it) the island still had a nice natural feel to it. Our neighbours had been going there for about 30 years - since it started !

We then went more up market (allegedly) and stayed at Royal Island. The island management boast that it is a 5* - it's not. It's a good 4*. But it lacks atmosphere - again we are back to wanting Robin Crusoe and then wanting all the mod cons with it that destroys atmosphere. So where is our next one - looking for a cheapy again so may be looking at a good 3*. We love the Maldives - the only problem is that we keep going back and possibly missing other great places. Although we have travelled extensively and done most continents - the Maldives is our favourite holiday destination along with Las Vegas - two completely different holidays !!!!

If you have any questions about any island I have mentioned please contact me on jeaneypeaney@tiscali.co.uk

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