Republic Of Maldives

Popularly known as the land of Dhivehi people, Republic Of Maldives is also called the Dhivehi Rajje. It is an island nation consisting of 20 atolls, sprinkled on Indian Ocean, 700kms southwest of Sri Lanka. The Republic of Maldives is famous for its golden sandy beaches, blue frothy sea; stretches of palm-fringed walkways and for an array of activities that the nation offers to its tourists. Even the wonderful climate and environment corresponds to make the Maldives an amazing place for the tourists.

The climate in the Maldives remains mild with the warm sun pouring in and the cool sea breezes blowing throughout the day and night.

Languages & Religion

The common language spoken in the Maldives is Dhivehi, which is a mixture of languages like Tamil, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese and English. However, English is the common language used for foreigners visiting Republic of Maldives.

The official religion of Maldivian people is Islam. People of the Maldives follow certain spirits like Dhevi, Vigani, Baburu Kujjaa, Fureytha, Avahtehi and Jinni as their gods and goddesses.

Food in the Maldives

The staple foods of the Maldives include coconuts, fishes, millet, breadfruit and tubers.

But the restaurants situated in various islands serve theme nights, which specialize in gourmets like Chinese, Sri Lankan, Italian and Japanese cuisines.

Education in the Maldives

Education occupies an important role in the Maldives. Gone are those days when education was limited to basic literacy skills. Now the literacy rate in the Maldives is 98%, which makes Maldives the highest literary nation in whole of South Asia.

The government in general, who is also the president of the nation, makes considerable effort to make the Maldives the best nation.

Economy of the Republic of Maldives

The economy of the Maldives has undergone vast changes towards betterment since times immemorial. Now the country exports and imports various goods to increase the rate of national income and GDP of the nation.

The government of Maldives, today aims to achieve self-sufficiency in both economic and social fields in whole of Maldives, specially in the outer atolls. Visit Republic of Maldives to enjoy the best of both water world and land world.

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