Visit Royal Island Resort Maldives
to Savor a Memorable Holiday

Royal Island Resort Maldives, also known as Horubadhoo, is an excellent resort that is situated on the northeastern fringes of Baa Atoll, Maldives.

Apart from the pleasant beaches and palm-fringed walkways, the Royal Island Resort Maldives is surrounded by beautiful reef houses, which display some unique collection of colorful invertebrates and soft corals.

Accommodation in Royal Island Resort

The Royal Island Resort in Maldives facilitates wonderful accommodation through its beach bungalows, beach villas and water bungalows - all of which provide the magnificent view of the crystal clear waters and the sugary white beaches.

The Royal Island Resort Maldives bungalow rooms are equipped with air-conditioning facilities, IDD telephones, Internet connections, satellite TV connections and spacious bathrooms.

Dine and wine in Royal Island Resort, Maldives

Royal Island Hotel Maldives is situated on the waterfronts where you can sit on the open-air terrace, dine and wine luxuriously as you hear the musical waves breaking into surf against the shores.

The main restaurant of the Royal Island Resort is Makana Restaurant. It serves delicious buffet meals, which include gourmet dishes of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Maldivian origins. The coffee shops and “sunset bar” serve delicious tea, coffee, snacks and drinks to refresh your lazy evenings.

Exciting activities in Royal Island Resort, Maldives

Royal Island Resort is the best resort for both nature lovers and activity-alcoholics. A wide array of activities like snorkeling, water-skiing, diving, canoeing, night fishing, windsurfing, kites boarding and playing volleyball and baseball are conducted to make your long holidays enjoyable for you. You can also visit the gymnasium and practice some free hand exercises and aerobics to feel fresh and good.

Royal Island Resort Maldives is famous for its wonderful spa. You can treat yourself with aromatherapy massage and other whole body treatments to feel rejuvenated in mind and body after the whole day.

While you undergo the massages, you can lie down leisurely on the bed, smell the warm waters frothing on the shores and feel spiritually rejuvenated.

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