Summer Island Village Maldives
Simply Splendid Resort

Summer Island Village Maldives is a famous resort situated in the island of Ziaraifushi, in North Male Atoll, Maldives.

Both the island and the Summer Island Village resort are simply splendid and cater to the name, as they remain forever evergreen with the pleasantness of summer ambience.

Interesting activities in Summer Island Village Maldives

The island of Ziaraifushi, on which the resort is situated, is exquisitely beautiful with golden sandy beaches, warm seawater breaking into surf, the long palm-fringed walkways and attractive coral reefs.

Along with the island, the resort of Summer Island Village Maldives is attractive, for it offers multifarious activities like diving, skiing, catamaran sailing, kite-boarding, speed- boating and attractive tours to the houses displaying sea shells, corals and colorful invertebrates.

If you are interested in the above activities, you can simply contact the resort guides who give training lessons on diving and teach you how to enjoy other water sports. The guides also help you to conduct extensive tours of the fishing villages and reef houses.

Wonderful accommodation in Summer Island Village

Summer Island Village Hotel offers wonderful accommodation to the tourists. The standard rooms are expansive with air-condition facilities, telephone and Internet connections, spacious airy bathrooms with hot/cold showers and sea facing balconies. The beach bungalows situated above the crystal blue lagoons, have added facilities of cable TV, mini safe and al fresco balcony.

Summer Island Village resort also has special reception areas with sitting arrangements for the guests, bars and restaurants, reading/ and indoor-playing rooms to provide maximum entertainment to its guests.

The spas of the resort, with their special aromatic massages and treatments, rejuvenate the mind and body of the tourists.

Special nights in Summer Island Village

An added quality of Summer Island Village Maldives includes special occasion nights. The resort offers disco nights on weekends, gourmet food and drinks night on particular occasion days and romantic night outings on the moon-kissed beaches for honeymoon couples on almost everyday.

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