Maldives, Excellent Romantic Holiday Destination


Maldives, the country of 1190 islands is the dream holiday destination for its amazing white beaches and enchanting scenery.

It is located in the Indian Ocean and is about 500 Kms from the southern tips of Sri Lanka and India. It has its own history, language, culture and traditions but influenced by British, Arab, Indian and Sri Lankan cultures.

When to visit

The climate of Maldives is tropical – hot, humid and dry. The islands get rain from July to August due to southwest monsoon and from November to March due to northeast monsoon. December to April is the best time to visit Maldives.

Getting There

The Maldives is easily accessible through air from major cities throughout the world. Male, the capital of Maldives has the International airport. There are regular flights from Maldives to Colombo, Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai and Kualalampur. Male airport is only 1 Km away from the main city and can be reached by boats or seaplanes.

Where to Stay

When you are in the Maldives you don’t need to worry about your accommodation since it provides a wide range of hotels and resorts to make your holidays more joyful. Not only it offers luxurious star categorized hotels and resorts, but also it offers cost effective hotels and lodges for your budget accommodation. The hotels provide well-furnished rooms along with most of the comforts at your feet.

Things to Do

Maldives is a paradise for adventures and sports lovers. Go for Waterskiing Jet skiing, Windsurfing, Water surfing, Snorkeling, Sailing, and Parasailing or enjoy beach volleyball and basketball – It is the heaven to enjoy any adventurous activity.

You can visit the National Museum and wander around the Sultan Park located near the museum. You can also check out the Hukuru Miski, the oldest mosque in the Maldives. Go shopping at the Singapore Bazaar, a collection of stores selling local Maldivian products as well as imported items.

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Visiting Maldives
Visiting Maldives
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