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The Maldives country to 1,190 islands is the dream holiday destination because of its enchanting scenery and white sandy beaches. Maldives offers you a large number of islands, massive lagoons with blue and turquoise water, and dazzling underwater coral gardens.

Location of Maldives - If you are wondering about the location of Maldives, then here is an article to give you the exact location. 

Climate in Maldives - The Maldives, situated on the equatorial belt has abundance of sunshine and a warm climate in maldives throughout the year.

Country of Maldives is the paradise for sun lovers, surfers, and divers and also for those who want complete peace to relax during their holidays.

Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is about 500 Kms from the southern tips of Sri Lanka and India. It has its own history, language, culture and traditions but influenced by British, Arab, Indian and Sri Lankan cultures.

History of Maldives
Maldives is a fully independent nation from July 26, 1965 and a Republic from November 11, 1968. The islands of Maldives were under Muslim control from 12th century and then...

Maldives Culture
Maldives Culture... It is the influence of British and Islamic religion that has made Maldives a melting pot of many cultures.

Male’ Maldives
Male Maldives situated on the bosom of Indian Ocean, Male Maldives is attractive for its tranquility, wonderful scenic beauty and exciting, commercial activities.

Maldives Airports
Domestic and International Maldives Airports help everyone, whether international or national tourists, to reach Maldives easy and fast. 

Maldives Tourism Maldives tourism takes you to explore the secrets of the Maldivian sun, sand, waves and tropical vegetations. It offers all tourists a spectacular tour of Maldives islands, sprinkled on the waters of Indian Ocean. 

Economy of Maldives
The Maldives is an archipelago of 1190 islands but the economy of Maldives is based on the 20 administrative regions or Atolls of this archipelago.

Maldives Government
The democratic form of Maldives government has come into promulgation since the year 1968..

Maldives Currency
Maldives currency is called Rufiyaa [Rf], which is divided into 100 Larees...

Maldives Facts
The Maldives Facts and Travel information on Holidays in Maldives

Thaa Atoll Maldives
Thaa Atoll Maldives is a long island, which is 60km in breadth and 50 km in length. Visit Thaa Atoll Maldives to savor the memories of a wonderful holiday.

Tsunami in Maldives
Tsunami in Maldives, on December 2004, was less fearful than in other regions like Andaman and Sri Lanka.

Maldives Climate - Since Maldives is situated on the Equatorial belts, so Maldives climate is usually warm throughout the year but also dotted with mild monsoons.

Weather in Maldives - Due to the consistency of the pattern of weather Maldives the modern methods of weather forecast has not been able to do away...

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