Tsunami In Maldives
Impacts And Remedies

Tsunami in Maldives, on December 2004, was less fearful than in other regions like Andaman and Sri Lanka. But the gigantic waves devastated the coastal areas during Tsunami in Maldives.

Hundreds of people were killed and several people specially those who were residing in the waterfront beach bungalows were affected by Maldives Tsunami.

Tsunami Maldives left such an impact that the Maldivian government immediately took actions to restore security to all inhabitants and tourists of Maldives. A Ministerial Committee and task force was immediately set up to ensure safety incase Tsunami strikes again.

Tsunami in Maldives has created terrific fear amongst the inhabitants as well as the tourists visiting Maldives.

Following are some relief measures that Maldivian government had undertaken to ensure absolute help and security incase Tsunami strikes in future again:

  • Distribution of forces like 15 AusAID staff to ensure excellent relief work
  • Release of new aircrafts like C-130 Hercules aircraft, 707 Aircraft and building service centers to offer relief help to tourists in case of Tsunami emergencies
  • Special delivery of communication services and equipments to ensure that people can safely keep contacts with their relatives and friends, in any part of the world

The hotels and resorts in Maldives have also taken necessary precautions to save the tourists from disasters caused by Tsunami. They provided:

  • Safe drinking water, proper sanitation and safe foods to the people and especially to the babies
  • Safe journey to and from the airport
  • Necessary booking facilities in both local and international airlines, so that people can easily fly back to their respective countries.

The Ministry of Health in Maldives, in addition, has also set up disease surveillance system that will respond to all types of emergency help needed for Tsunami in Maldives.

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Maldives National Disaster Management Center

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