Visa for Maldives
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Just like in other countries, visa is issued to the tourists when you visit Maldives. The visa is issued by the Embassy/Consulate, and stamped inside the passport of the tourists.

Tourists who plan to stay for 30 days or less are immediately provided..


The US citizens visiting the country for entertainment or for business purposes do not require any visa for Maldives. This facility is provided to the United States tourists who want to stay for a period of 90 days. But if the stay exceeds 90 days, then special visas are provided for the extended days.

The US tourists, whether they are visiting for work purposes, immigrating, or for studying purposes should directly contact the Embassy or Consulate for acquiring the Maldives Visa.


The tourists visiting Maldives from other parts of the world except US have to apply and fill up visa application forms to acquire Maldives Visa. The application forms, are provided by Travel Document Systems and cannot be reproduced in electronic format.

The tourists who want visa for Maldives should possess the following requirements:

  • A valid international travel document
  • A valid return air ticket to the destination you want to return back
  • Proof of sufficient funds that will cover the stay period of the tourists


If you suddenly want to stay for an extended period, you should apply for an extension. For this you have to go to the Immigration Office located in the Huravee Building next to the police station in the Male’ capital city of Maldives, and buy an Extension of Tourist Visa form which cost you Rf10. Now, you’ll need a local to sponsor you, it’s better to have your travel agent, resort or guesthouse manager act as a sponsor and apply on your behalf. You have to pay a fee of Rf750 and make your stay extended for a certain period. But this period includes maximum 30 days from the date of expiry of the previous stay period.

However, entry permit along with visa for Maldives will be granted to the visitors when they arrive at the Male International airport. But this entry permit is issued only for visiting Maldives. The tourists are strictly not allowed to set up any business, profession or stay permanently in Maldives with that simple visa for Maldives.

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