Weddings in the Maldives
Simply Splendid and Luxurious


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Weddings in the Maldives can be simply splendid and luxurious.

Sadly, if you are not a Maldivian citizen you cannot perform a legal marriage ceremony in Maldives. But Maldives is a perfect destination to renew your vows or have a blessing.


Many resorts at Maldives offer romantic wedding packages for everyone,  it will simply sweep you off your feet and give you an experience that will be worth cherishing for your whole lifetime. If you really want your wedding to be truly different then visit Maldives to have that special wedding experience. You can basically do every single ceremony at Maldives, once you are legally register.  

Now I will share with you how everything will take place. Lets go on a ride!!!


Weddings in the Maldives is a dream-come-true experience for the bride in her flowing swirls can gently sweep along the palm-lined walkways just at the moment the last rays of the crimson sun spread its gold-red rays over her face.

The bride usually dresses in a white flowing satin or silk gown with red roses embroidered in her waistline, neckline and handcuffs. She carries a bouquet of red roses.

Then the happy couple actually joins hands together to plant a coconut palm that will speak volumes about their unforgettable love and togetherness.

There are fully attired traditional drummers who escort the couples from all sides to the wedding arena. While they beat their drums and conduct the wonderful dance Bodu-beru in accordance with the ritual of the marriage.


After the ritual of cutting the wedding cake, the guests are treated with sumptuous dinner of gourmet dishes and exotic drinks.

Amidst brilliant decoration, the resorts offer a variety of culinary delights and exotic drinks, fresh juices and hot coffee to all.

A welcome drink of coconut water is offered to the couple after the marriage. The celebration of wedding in Maldives actually begins with the ritual cutting of the exquisite wedding cake with champagne offered to all guests. The hotels provide a gourmet dinner of Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Indian dishes with an assortment of exotic wines, champagnes, and fresh juices.


The ceremony is held either on the open golden sandy beaches or al fresco on the beach. Amidst soft soothing music blending with the natural rhythmic waves the wedding arena remains decorated with silk and satin hangings, colorful balloons, sparkles and glitters, ribbons and wedding bells.

After the Weddings in the Maldives is over the couple is treated with a series of surprise tours like sunset cruising, snorkeling trips, sunrise trips, fishing trips, and intimate-moments villa honeymoon treats. While the guests enjoy the wonderful culinary delights, the couple gets intimate in their eternal togetherness.

So weddings in the Maldives offer you with happiness and memories for a whole lifetime.

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