"Where is Maldives?" - That's a question we were asked a lot...

Where is Maldives? This is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself. If you have no idea where the islands are located then you are missing its rich natural beauty.

Are you planning for your next holidays, Maldives is the perfect choice for you because it has everything that a tourist requires for ideal holidays.

The warm sands, blue sea, tiny coral islands and excellent tourism facilities make Maldives your dream destination. But before that you have to know where are the Maldives.

Where are the Maldives islands located?

Perfectly located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the location of Maldives is simply wonderful as the crystal clear blue lagoon waters encourage a variety of water sports like snorkeling, wake boarding, kayaking, diving, water skiing, catamaran sailing and day/night fishing.

It is for this wonderful location, that in the last few decades, the island of Maldives has transformed itself into a popular fishing, scuba diving, surfing, spa destinations and exotic resort.

Maldives stretches 823 km from North to South and 130 km from east to west

There are a total 1,190 island of those only 202 islands are inhabited and of those only 87 islands have resorts in them. Male is the capital city of Maldives where 2/3 of the populations of Maldives reside.

Visit Maldives, the dream destination place to have one of those halcyon holidays that you can only dream of.

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