White Sands Maldives, Uniquely Blended Combination of Waves and Walkways

The island of White Sands Maldives is simply blended with the unique combinations of wide sugary beaches and lush palm fringed walkways.

You can easily forget the rigors of everyday monotonous routine and stroll leisurely in the peaceful ambience of the wonderful White Sands Maldives. The island is also rich in underwater aquamarine life, and the reef houses provide a spectacular view of strange corals and soft invertebrates.

How to reach White Sands Island?

White Sands Island, located in South Ari Atoll is exactly situated at a distance of 104 kilometers from the Male International Airport. You can avail either of the transports like air taxi, speedboats or seaplane to reach White Sands Island Maldives. However, the best way to reach White Sands Island is by speedboat, for you can often view or play with a dolphin or two on your journey towards the island.

White Sands Maldives, An Ideal Honeymoon Island

White Sands Resort Maldives is a dream resort for honeymoon couples, for the island has huge stretches where coconut palm trees sway in the cool breeze. You can stroll arm-in-arm with your beloved through these walkways or dine under the secrecy of the palm leafed umbrellas to know each other better. All the time you can hear the sweet singing of unknown species of birds and insects.

Accommodation & Dining in White Sands Maldives

The White Sands Resort Hotel Maldives is equipped with wonderful accommodation facilities. The rooms of the bungalows are designed to suit the needs and budget of all types of customers. You will be facilitated with air-conditioning, IDD telephones, mini bars, Internet connections and spacious bathrooms. You can either visit the restaurants and bars to enjoy food and drink or simply sit on the private decks, dine and wine and watch the crimson sun rising and setting on the translucent crystal clear blue lagoons.

Interesting Activities in White Sands Maldives

The island of White Sands is most famous for diving and snorkeling. Diving is a special activity as it offers unique diving lessons to beginners through the PADI diving trainers. You can also go for paragliding, catamaran sailing, canoeing, banana boat riding, wind surfing and also for night fishing while you reside on the heaven island of White Sands in Maldives.

The White Sands Resort and Spa Maldives also offers spas, where you can experience a unique combination of massages on your face, hands, legs and full body. The island also offers special theme nights, discotheques and occasion nights where you can simply drown into the jazzy-ness to your heart’s content.

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White Sands Resort Maldives

The Maldives White Sands Resort gives a wonderful rustic touch to your mind as the reception area, rooms and restaurants are constructed with rich timber and are reminiscent of pure tradition.

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